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Gloucester Bio provides advanced hand sanitizer in 4oz, 8oz, and 16oz spray bottles,
plus 1 gallon refill bottles; larger custom product formats are available upon request.

4oz Fine Mist Spray


8oz Fine Mist Spray


16oz Fine Mist Spray


1 Gallon Refill


Joanne MacInnis RN, CDP
Founder and President
Aberdeen Home Care, Inc.

“We’re distributing Gloucester Bio’s Advanced Hand Sanitizer to all of our staff. They got the formula right…it smells great and keeps your hands soft and healthy.”

What makes our sanitizer "Advanced" Hand Sanitizer?

We add natural plant-based glycerin and 100% antibacterial lemon essential oils, which combined provide the nourishing, therapeutic effect of hydration and moisturizers. Our proprietary blended formula of natural plant-based oils, pharmaceutical-grade filter-sterilized water and plant-based antiseptic cleansers leave your hands lemon fresh, while feeling soft and revitalized.

Gloucester Bio(4)

FDA Certified OTC
Drug Manufacturer

Lemon Fresh Scent 100% Essential Oils

Lemon Fresh Scent
100% Essential Oils

Kills 99.9%+ Germs & Viruses​

Kills 99.9%+
Germs & Viruses

Fast-absorbing Advanced Formula

Advanced Formula

Hydrates, Moisturizes and Softens Skin​

Hydrates, Moisturizes
and Softens Skin

Plant-Based Antiseptic​


“I was almost panicking when I realized I was going to run out that I actually told my husband we needed to take a 7 hour drive to Gloucester to get more!! I feel so confident that your products are not only protecting our skin but are protecting the environment as well!!! Thank you so much for the important work that you do!!!  

-Denise Tenney, Satisfied Customer

New Fine Mist Spray Formula Provides 3X the Value Over Gel

Using Gloucester Bio's Mist Spray Advanced Hand Sanitizer, you only use 1ml of our advanced hand sanitizer to fully coat your hands with 5 sprays from our 4oz/8oz spray bottles or 1 spray from our 16oz spray bottles/Dispensers, while standard gel-based hand sanitizer pumps dispense 3ml of gel hand sanitizer, thus making you use 3X more hand sanitizer than needed, which you end up wasting.

Sanitize your hands


Sanitize your steering wheel

Steering Wheels

sanitize door handles

Doorknobs and Handles

sanitize the phone

Mobile Phones

sanitize your mouse and keyboard

Keyboards & Mouses

sanitize a toilet seat

Toilet Seats

sanitize a light switch

Light Switches

sanitize a shopping cart

Shopping Carts

sanitize countertops

Counter Tops

sanitize school equipment

At School

Sanitizing Wipes

After using an ATM

sanitize the gas pump

Using a Gas Pump

Get More for Less with our Fine Mist Spray!

Spray VS Gel

Bottle Sizes (oz)

fine mist spray sanitizer

Fine Mist Spray Sanitizer

gel sanitizer

Gel Sanitizer

4oz Bottle
740 Sprays
59 Pumps
8oz Bottle
1,480 Sprays
118 Pumps
16oz Bottle
2,960 Sprays
236 Pumps

For more information on hand hygiene recommendations, visit the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Website

Thank you, stay safe!